Social Projects

Through its social responsibility policy, the Company establishes guidelines for social management practices that are based on ethical and transparent relations with its stakeholders.

 Every year, São Martinho earmarks resources to support social responsibility projects and actions, prioritizing basic and professional education, sport and culture, generating value for society.

São Martinho's relationship with society is inseparable from its business activities, which is why it is one of the Company's values (respect for people) and is understood as one of its pillars (community).

Education, Citizenship and Social Developmente 

Primeiro Emprego Projovem e Patrulheiros
A “first-job” creation program for youths carried out for almost two decades by São Martinho in partnership with the institutions in Iracemápolis and Pradópolis. Its main goal is to generate initial job opportunities for students enrolled in the public school system,16-18 years old. At the end of the program, they have the possibility to remain in the company or participate in recruitment searches up to one year after their departure. São Martinho's workforce has many professionals who came to it through this program

Programa Aprendiz
The Programa Aprendiz (Apprenticeship Program) offers training for young people 16-24 years old. Industrial learning courses are available for Boilermaker, Administrative Assistant, Warehousing, Industrial Machine Maintenance Mechanic, Machining Mechanic and Agricultural Machinery and Heavy Vehicles Maintenance Mechanic. After certification, the candidates go through the job selection process and compete for effective positions in the company. A highlight of the program is the classroom for people with disabilities that the São Martinho Mill operates in partnership with Senai on an annual basis at the Association of the Visually Impaired in Ribeirão Preto (Adervip).

Distance Learning Rooms
An Iracema Mill project, in partnership with the Bradesco Foundation and the Iracemápolis municipal government.

It offers, annually, to a number of youths and adults, the opportunity to resume studies with equipment, teaching materials and monitors paid for by the Company.

Programa Bom Ano Escolar
This “Good School Year Program” is designed to help employees maintain their children in school, reinforcing the importance of education through school supply kits. Each year, registrations are open for employees to request the benefit.

Environmental Education
Attracting hundreds of students annually from the community, the Environmental Education Centers (CEAs) seek to educate students, employees and the community about the preservation of natural resources. The units use thematic rooms with emphasis on waste, recycling, water, air, soil, renewable energies, biodiversity and the sugarcane chain, among others. There is also a room dedicated to environmental controls, from where it is possible to observe the agroindustrial processes in the mills (such as planting) and the biological control of sugarcane pests.

Culture and Leisure

The Mayor Virgínio Ometto Theater
In partnership, the Iracema Mill and the Association of Art and Culture Movement of Iracemápolis (Amaci) renovated the city's old movie theater, transforming it into a modern and cozy cinema environment. The goal is to offer moments of leisure and culture to the community through a structure that has capacity for 324 people and a 12-meter-wide stage, which hosts a wide variety of programs and shows.

Theater in the City
The project, a São Martinho initiative in partnership with Cia EmCena Brasil, organizes a traveling program in October replete with theater offerings, movies and cultural workshops. Based on a stage on wheels, the cities of Pradópolis, Quirinópolis, Américo Brasiliense and Iracemápolis host the Culture Station caravan's events, where the whole community can participate in the spectacles held over the course of a weekend full of culture!

Book Fair
Since 2011, the São Martinho Mill offers employees a visit to the Ribeirão Preto National Book Fair. The Company also encourages reading through the donation of books to all project participants.


São Martinho Race
The annual event has 5- and 10-km courses and is designed to promote integration among employees from its different units. It also serves to raise awareness of participants about the importance of the health. The races pass through courses that cut through the São Martinho Mill's sugarcane fields.

The event increasingly has whetted the interest of professional athletes - so much so that, being held at the end of the year, it is now used by marathoners as a tune-up for the traditional San Silvestre Race in the city of São Paulo.

The event is open to public participation, and prizes are divided into categories (men, women, age bracket, employees and non-employees).

For children between 8 and 14 years of age, a competition over shorter courses is organized.

Tifui Project
The Internal Soccer Tournament Usina Iracema (Tifui) takes place every year, in the off-season, and seeks to integrate employees and provide moments of leisure and relaxation. All materials and resources used for the games, which take place on the grounds of the mill itself, are provided by the company.


The social actions developed by São Martinho are disclosed to all employees through the internal communication channels. Among the most important are:

Empresários do Futuro
The Businessmen of the Future program, developed at Usina Iracema, aims to show high school students how a company works. The action includes the presentation of concepts such as marketing, finance, human resources and production. For 15 weeks, participants have the opportunity to develop and market a product, based on their own market research. The project is voluntarily supported by employees of the Iracema Mill, who participate in the initiative as teachers. The participation of the youths is also voluntary, since the classes are held during after-school hours. The project is the result of the company's partnership with the Junior Achievement and Limeira Development Institute (Ideli) NGOs.

Natal sem Fome
The Christmas without Hunger campaign takes place in all the plants and stimulates the spirit of solidarity and volunteering in the internal public. Non-perishable foods are collected during the months of November and December, donated to social institutions in the municipalities of Pradópolis, Iracemápolis, Américo Brasiliense and Quirinópolis (GO).

Warm Clothing Campaign
In all the mills, warm clothes and blankets are collected for underprivileged populations. It is organized by the social funds of some of the municipalities near São Martinho’s units, with support from the company.

Donation of blood and bone marrow
The campaign is in celebration of World Blood Donor Day. The São Martinho mill, in partnership with the Hemocentro, collected material in search of possible bone marrow donors.